What a year it’s been; Brexit, Trump; it’s been brutal and bizarre and bleak (no wonder Bowie is said to be populating an alternate universe, one by one).

Well, thank goodness for love.

My little world was turned on it’s head right from the start as my son was born in January (don’t worry he’s told me he’s going to save us from all this chaos). Having a child certainly warps your sense of time; life feels like it’s changed irrevocably but at the same time it feels like he’s always been here, like I’ve known him forever. I suppose I have…

Anyway, don’t worry, this isn’t going to turn into a year long post of baby photos, but I think that becoming a parent in such a time of tumult has changed my outlook as a photographer, particularly when it comes to shooting weddings. 

Whilst my body of work, despite the little bossbaby, has been as varied as ever - I’ve shot portraits, interiors and architecture this year - it’s the weddings where I’ve felt a distinct difference. It might be the sleepless nights (or mainlining coffee) or the grotesque panto taking place on the global stage but weddings now have a deeper resonance for me. Somehow they feel bigger and more important than ever. To see people brought together, across counties, countries, continents, in the name of love, is a very good thing. To unite in revelry, big hats and bear hugs is what life should be more about in times like these.

So at the close of 2016 let’s toast the weddings; here’s to bringing close your favourite people (and maybe one or two of those who aren’t), clapping and cheering and dancing with granny, telling your best friend you love them, squeezing chubby baby cheeks and celebrating life in the only way we can: with life’s poetry, the extraordinaryordinary, wherever we can find it. After all, how else do we make this planet magical?

Happy new year everyone x

All photographs are film, developed and scanned by Carmencita Film Lab and our old friends at the all new Canadian Film Lab

​Couldn’t resist that last one. ;-)

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