A Baby Portrait Shoot: Hello Ted

‚ÄčI photographed Ellie & Alex’s lovely, low key London wedding in Stoke Newington back in 2013 (you can see just how lovely it all was by clicking here). Well, all these years later, they still live in Stoke Newington but now have a little boy, Ted, and I was so pleased to be asked to photograph him. He’s a dude; just like his parents he’s good natured, relaxed and a pleasure to photograph so here’s a little taste of our morning together.

All photographs are film: Kodak Portra 400, Fuji Pro 400 and Ilford Delta 3200.

Thanks to the wonderful Canadian Film Lab for all their hard work developing and scanning.

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Feeling glad to see the photos of this cute baby. I think all these are perfect clicks which captured the various moments in his life and it will be helpful to this baby to see all these when he will grow up.

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Oh my god he is so cute! The parents look so beautiful too. I loved the way how you have captured each small expressions in his face. He is such a cute kid. Thanks for sharing this pictures here peachey.

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This looks so lovely. Look at that cute smile on the innocent face. I am sure there is nothing pretty than the smiling face of a baby. The photographer has done a wonderful job in capturing those beautiful moments in his camera.

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A sweet childhood. One of the best time of your life.

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so cute <3

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