A Borough Market Engagement: Mais & Graeme

?Coffee at Monmouth and a wander around South London’s wonderful Borough Market was on the cards for me today, accompanied by the lovely Mais & Graeme, who’s wedding I am photographing in May at Hampton Court.

Can’t wait.

And neither can they. Here they are in all their sweetness. And remember, love is one of your 5 a day so go get the goodness.

All photographs are film: Kodak Portra 400 shot on my Nikon F6 & my Contax 645

I really liked the post wedding shoot presented here. There are a lot of backgrounds that makes the image so beautiful. I would like to know where these images are taken. It’s a nice place to be if it’s not a set for these photographs.

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Nowadays weddings are conducted in a different manner. The couples choose a different theme and the outdoor shooting is also conducted differently that can be very attractive for the viewers. I appreciate the photographer for suggesting such different themes for the wedding and the photos that he takes.

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Wow!! I really appreciate your talent on taking these wonderful pics. These entire photos are the perfect click at right time. You have captured each and every special moment in their life. I wish to see more photos of you. Please update it here.

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You are an awesome photographer peachie. You have got that talent in you. Thank you for sharing the pictures in here. You are one of the best photographers I have ever seen in my life. Please share some of your recent pictures.

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Wonderful photos, and she has just a gorgeous smile x

Comment by: Asma Posted: 27/04/2014

What a great backdrop to an engagement shoot! Love the murals as a background!

Comment by: Dilip Hirani Posted: 24/04/2014

Just beautiful, Katherine.

Comment by: Laura Babb Posted: 02/04/2014

So vibrant and full of life, these really were a joy to look through!

Comment by: Sarah Posted: 31/03/2014

Awesome idea for a shoot, love the colours and compositions, especially the florist shots :)

Comment by: Rob Dunlop Posted: 31/03/2014

How wonderful! I NEED to go to this market! Looks such a special place to have an engagement session.

Comment by: Lucy Davenport Posted: 31/03/2014

Lovely! great colours and compositions, love the black & white photo boarding background.

Comment by: Genevieve (Miss Gen) Posted: 31/03/2014

Some lovely frames here - and how awesome they’re shot on film! I particularly love the shots Chez Michèle - gorgeous tones. Fab x

Comment by: Pat Kelman Posted: 31/03/2014

I absolutely adore your work and all it’s filmy goodness and these are beautiful.

Comment by: Ellie Posted: 31/03/2014

Beautiful, I can’t believe in 5 years in London I still haven’t been to Borough Market! This kinda made me want to go so badly!

Comment by: Photostories - Martina Posted: 31/03/2014

These are just fantastic! Those shots with the flower stall and moped look like something from a Richard Curtis film - just so romantic and lovely. Makes me miss London!

Comment by: Rebecca Strong Posted: 25/03/2014

So cute! I love your use of location and the colours are so lovely!

Comment by: Tara Posted: 25/03/2014

This is just wonderful!
What a beautiful couple, so in love.
And what wonderful photography. Film really is more human.

Comment by: Joshua Posted: 25/03/2014

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