A Family Portrait Shoot: Baby Matthew

One of the nicest things about this job is when a couple pops up again asking to organise a little shoot for their new arrival. I photographed Hayley and Ben’s lovely Dartington wedding back in 2013 and was delighted when they did just that. So I tripped down to Wimbledon to see them again (looking as fresh faced as ever!) and meeting Baby Matthew was a complete joy. Those big blue eyes looked up at me, not too sure what this weird lady with fuzzy hair and a massive peakaboo habit was doing in his house, but, after some cuddles and giggles with mummy and daddy, he was smiling and kicking and having a rather nice baby time of it. What a little corker. Here are a few of my favourites.

FAll photographs are film Kodak Ports 400 & Ilford Delta 400

Developed and scanned by the UK Film Lab

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Comment by: beach body diet Posted: 21/06/2018

These photos look amazing. The little guy looks so cute. For some reason family photos always get to me.

Comment by: Richard_1 Posted: 04/08/2015

You did an amazing job there. Congrats!

Comment by: Maria Posted: 13/07/2015

Just beautiful Katherine!

Comment by: Genevieve ( Miss Gen ) Posted: 18/05/2015

I absolutely love family photography and you do it beautifully - even more impressive the fact that it’s all on film!

Comment by: Katy Mutch Posted: 11/05/2015

Having just had a baby myself 8 days ago, I loved scrolling through these images! The moments captured are breathtaking and I love the nursery detail shots too A total joy!

Comment by: Karen Cinnamon Posted: 08/05/2015

ALL FILM!? Amazing job, I’d usually say “beautiful processing” but this is the real deal. Great stuff :)

Comment by: Aaron Posted: 07/05/2015

What a cute little guy! And a beautifully warm and loving session!

Comment by: Lindsay Posted: 07/05/2015

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