A Relaxed Farm wedding: Alice & Nic

There are weddings and there are ‘Weddings’. For Alice and Nic all those little things fell into place to create one of ‘those’ Weddings - the perfect country celebration - stylish, laid back and full of fun. Yes, it was idyllically pretty at the charming South Farm, yes, every last pretty detail had been lovingly planned, yes there was glorious sunshine shining down all day on Alice and Nic’s golden heads - but!  these two are rather more magical than all that. Nic is the 6th member of the awesome a cappella group The Magnets, and so naturally music was a pretty important component of the day. From the mesmerising choir during the ceremony, to the amazing performance of the Magnets themselves as well as a surprise rendition of Annie’s song from Nic’s lovely little niece, there was a very personal soundtrack accompanying them which stirred the guests (and maybe a softie of a photographer) to many happy tears throughout the day. So here they are - pretty lovely arent they?

All photographs are film: Kodak Portra 400 & Ilford Delta 400

The dress: Lusan Mandongus

The flowers: Larkspur Floral Design

The make-up: Victoria Reynolds

The hair: Sitting Pretty

The venue: South Farm

The music: The Magnets

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Comment by: Wine tours in Dundee Posted: 20/08/2019

What a lovely wedding! I am a sucker for a bride prep with kitties!

Comment by: Jaye Cole Posted: 14/08/2014

Beautiful beautiful work. I love film, particularly Portra, so love all of this! The wedding, the photos, amazing!

Comment by: Clare Tam-Im Posted: 06/08/2014

I love South Farm and it looks beautiful on film. Fab work as always.

Comment by: Laura Babb Posted: 05/08/2014

Lovely work, the colours & details are gorgeous

Comment by: Genevieve ( Miss Gen ) Posted: 04/08/2014

Love the shots of everyone getting ready, especially the cats peering in the window! Great shot of the bride walking up the church path with the trees overhead and love the photo of the bride and groom as they leave the church with their arms in the air :)

Comment by: Kathryn Andrews Posted: 04/08/2014

Really beautiful images.  What do I love

brides dress
Lots and lots if emotions
Beautiful weather
Filled with love

Ok ok I love everything

Stunning wedding
Stunning photography


Comment by: Lynette Posted: 04/08/2014

Oh man you are my film wedding hero!!!!! Your images are perfect and full of fun and love. Yey. So glad we met xxxz

Comment by: Britt Posted: 31/07/2014

Such a stunning wedding. Your colours are just so beautiful.

Comment by: Sarah Posted: 29/07/2014

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