A Wander Bankside

Introducing the newly engaged, Golden Lady and Mr Pyjamas (plus some art-y ones too)

Today features my sisterly-in-love, Golden Carolina, food writer extraordinaire, and her charming fiance, James Morrish (aka Mr P, the whizz behind this very website, no less!) After posting a photo of them on my facebook page the crowds bayed for more so - here they are, in their very own blog post. They have just got enagaged. Yay! Really big YAY! They are superb and impressive and lots and lots of fun. Their Peak District wedding is next August and yes, I shall be taking photographs, naturally, but I shall also be a proper guest, so that means champers and dancing and getting weepy are all on the cards - what a novelty! I might squeal a lot on that day. Anyway, here are a few photographs of them and our little day out along bankside with her parentals - going all goey about their eldest baby getting all grown up and married. Our backdrop stars the wonderful Tate Modern, of course, featuring one of my favourite artists Diane Arbus. On our way home, we walked past this amazing little caravan and they were well up for a bit of posing. Thanks for putting up with my snappety snap all afternoon, C&P, roll on August 4th!

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