An East London Hotel Wedding: Emma & David

Emma & David got married at one of my favourite London venues; Bethnal Green’s Town Hall Hotel. Mingling Art Deco splendour with contemporary design, the hotel is the perfect spot for a super-stylish, urban wedding in the heart of fashionable East London. Emma is effortlessly elegant, David defines debonair; together they are just, quite simply, the perfect couple. Very much in love and a lot of fun to photograph, they tripped down with me to the mean streets of E2 where we made some beautiful creative portraits. Easy. Peasy. All photographs are shot on film, developed and scanned by the awesome Canadian Film Lab.

​Credit where credit’s due:

The venue: Town Hall Hotel

The dress: Nicola Anne

The shoes: Emmy London

The suit: Gresham Blake

The flowers: Grace & Thorn

The hair: Cassandra Rizzuto

The make-up: Katy Angelidi

The music: Los Amigos 

Sound & lighting: Flip Side

The cake: Teddington Cheese

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Thank you so much for capturing our day so beautifully Peachey.  We have relived the day through these photographs - my cheeks hurt from smiling so much again! What a pleasure to have you photograph our wedding.

Comment by: Emma Shimkus Posted: 23/03/2017

Nice photos! You took me with you as if I’m part of the entourage. These photos look almost real, you capture the happy moments, memories that will last a lifetime. Each picture holds a story, keep up the good work!

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Both of you look very beautiful in these pics

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Adorable couple and Beautiful storytelling images

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Beautiful work as always Katharine! Love the colours & tones in the film you used here x

Comment by: Genevieve ( Miss Gen ) Posted: 08/03/2017

Awesome. Before planning your wedding in hotel, always you should have a Plan B, just in case the weather doesn’t cooperate with your hopes for an outdoor ceremony.

Comment by: Assignment Help Posted: 08/03/2017

Nice range of images, really like the mono conversions.

Comment by: Thomas Posted: 04/03/2017

Brilliant. Loved it all especially the portraits amongst the street art.

Comment by: Anesta Posted: 03/03/2017

These are so beautiful. I love that dance shot full of movement.

Comment by: Lisa Posted: 02/03/2017

Lovely work - I love the happy photos of them both after the wedding ceremony, they must be thrilled with them.

Comment by: Albert Palmer Posted: 02/03/2017

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