An East London Pub Wedding: Hannah & James

Beautiful, brilliant, effortlessly elegant, marvellously cool, smoking hot, rip-roaringly funny, achingly romantic; a few adjectives to describe Hannah & James’ awesome wedding day.

She wore an Elizabeth Stuart dress and Louboutins

He wore a ‘cat that got the cream’ grin.

It was the perfect London wedding.

The legal bit was carried out at the stunning Town Hall Hotel in Bethnal Green and after a lively drinks reception we tripped off down the road to the Prince Arthur pub in Hackney for a proper feast and more sunshine. Hannah & James were certain they didn’t want lots of formality and so they dispensed with a lot of the wedding formalities and concentrated on having as much fun with their favourite people as possible. The banquet was exactly that, huge platters of delicious whole roasts in the centre of the tables for everyone to share, there were just two short and sweet speeches and no 1st dance or any of that malarkey. A relaxed celebration was on the cards and they pulled it off perfectly in their lovely local pub. Here’s what it all looked like.

All photographs are film: Kodak Portra 400 & 800 & Ilford Delta 400 & 3200

so beautiful really

Comment by: gulshan Posted: 06/07/2018

You’ve captured London brilliantly and the couple seem so relaxed in front of your camera. Great job!

Comment by: David Posted: 21/07/2014

Oh my goodness what a gorgeously in love couple and lovely wedding.  You my girl are so talented!  Bx ps. when i grow up I want to be you. xx

Comment by: Britt Spring Posted: 14/07/2014

Film wins again.
Beautiful captures.

Comment by: warrick Posted: 10/07/2014

Uncontrived, honest and just plain beautiful. :-)

Comment by: Dominic Whiten Posted: 07/07/2014

What a relaxed and cool wedding and brilliantly captured, loved the portraits of them sitting down having a cheeky fag! : )

Comment by: MikiPhotography Posted: 19/06/2014

Love Town Hall Hotel for prep, what a place. Brilliant shot perfectly. It blows me away that you do all of this on film.

Comment by: Matt Posted: 18/06/2014

I love everything about this.  Beautiful, stylish couple, amazing venues and photography that captures it perfectly.

Comment by: Laura Babb Posted: 18/06/2014

What a lovely wedding and lovely work K. You’ve captured the energy of the day perfectly. Well done!

Comment by: Clair Estelle Posted: 16/06/2014

Absolutely stunning photography! This looks like an amazing, happy wedding captured perfectly.

Comment by: Molly Posted: 16/06/2014

So so so many beautiful happy moments in this set and some top portraits too, especially the ones under the roses, beautiful.

Comment by: Michael Jackson Posted: 16/06/2014

Every time I look at your work I’m reminded how gorgeous film is.  That, and the fact this is a wonderful looking wedding, clearly captured by an equally wonderful photographer!

Comment by: pen Posted: 16/06/2014

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