Annie & Dickie: A Preview

?Annie & Dickie are a golden couple. They like each other so much that they got married twice; the legal bit with close family in a lovely riverside pub, then the proper party bit at Annie’s family home. There were games, rainbows and lots of lovely tartan. I was lucky enough to photograph both days so here’s a little peek. Congratulations, you two, you are splendid.

All photographs are film: Kodak Portra 400 & 800, Ilford Delta 400 & 3200

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Excellent shots. From the photo down by the water to the celebration itself, everything was just heartwarming. You can tell by the couple’s eyes that they’ve truly been waiting for this moment, and having it immortalized is just priceless. Thank you for a wonderful post!

Comment by: Moments Captured UK Posted: 26/08/2013

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