A intimate riverside wedding: Annie & Dickie Day 1

Annie & Dickie like each other so much they got married twice. So, here’s Day 1: closest family and bestest friends gathered in the glorious sunshine at The Compleat Angler in Marlow, Buckinghamshire - more fizz and tartan than you can shake a stick at…well, until you see Day 2, that is!

All photographs are film Fuji Pro 400 H & Ilford Delta 400

When two souls love each it’s not a big issue to marry even triply, why not? I’m not a Scotsman myself but, I’m impressed how you managed to integrate your national attributes into your wedding; after I’ll end my essay writing service reviews me and my husband are going to have a wedding in Irish style. Hope our photo set will be as colorful and striking as yours.

Comment by: Karin85 Posted: 05/05/2017

What a lovely sunny day, so beautifully captured.

Comment by: Lulie Posted: 13/11/2013

So lovely!

Comment by: Brigitte Posted: 12/11/2013

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