Bye Bye 2012

A look back on 2012 (basically, the bits I didn?t get time to blog!) This year has been amazing. Here are a few little photography bits I didn?t get time to show off.

This year kicked off with a bang. In January I photographed a 50th birthday party at The Vineyard at Stockcross - perhaps party is not the right word. Party/prank weekend/unbelievable bag of tricks perhaps.

Dinner was served but with a Victorian flavour. The men were ushered to enjoy fine wine in the gentlemen’s club…
The ladies were shown down to the scullery…
Luckily, they were extraordinarily good humoured (and stole the men’s wine as revenge)
The circus theme continued late in to the night and the fun didn’t end there…
I went on to photograph several actors
As well as an amazing new band, Circular Skies, rehearsing at home, on location and at the legendary Metropolis Studios in London
I shot some lovely and very different interiors…
I had a great year personally too. I went off on a little adventure. To Laos.
And wandered around Suffolk rather a bit…
In August I became an Auntie
And then a Godmother again
(Now I better include my other GCs otherwise they’ll feel left out)
But the weddings were the real highlight of 2012. We had some glorious sunshine and blue skies…
And then there was the rain…
There were a few tears…
Some lovely smiles…
And a lot of laughter…
Happy Christmas and here’s to an even better 2013

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