A homecoming wedding: Carrie & Laurence

All the way from Oz, Carrie & Laurence tie the knot (bringing a little beach life with them).

All the way from Australia, the lovely Carrie & Laurence came home to get married

The Venue: Gaynes Park

The Dress: Da Vinci Bridal

The Make-Up: Katy Messer

The Hair: Anna-Rose Porter

The Flowers: Peony Flowers

Overall nice celebration and photographs were awesome and event was planned really well after watching these.

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Stunning photography. I love the way you have captured so many wonderful little moments as well as the big stuff too.

Comment by: Adam Drummond Posted: 24/03/2013


Comment by: Andri Benson Posted: 21/11/2012

This is wonderful, I enjoyed looking at these pictures so much, I’m ASSUMING it was quite tricky to shoot with the low light but you have made it look effortless and beautiful.  LOVE the first dance x

Comment by: Sarah Morris Posted: 20/11/2012

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