Claire & Tim: A Preview

?Claire & Tim, with a little help their lovely girls, Ava and Emily, got married at the delightful Gaynes Park, surrounded by flowers and laughter and lots of little people. It was the most delightful garden party with an epic bit of marriage thrown in. Here’s a little sneak peek of their beautiful day.

All photographs are film: Fuji Pro 400 H & Ilford Delta 3200

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Comment by: Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia Posted: 17/03/2017

Congratulations to the couple. My all best wishes are with you. May you have a beautiful life ahead. The wedding is amazing thing especially for girls because it totally changes the life of a girl and girls have to start our lives with the new beginning. And if your life partner is compatible your new journey becomes worthwhile.

Comment by: grademiners.com Posted: 27/02/2017

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Comment by: Sarah Posted: 27/09/2013

So pretty!! Those portraits are epic. Stunning work as always.

Comment by: Roisin Posted: 27/09/2013

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