A woodland wedding: Faern & Ozz

?With autumn rustling it’s leaves and stealing away those daylight hours, the sweltering days of mid-July seem an age away now. But! Faern & Ozz’s woodland wedding reminds us all that, yes! 2013 was a glorious summer, by British standards anyway. This wonderful hand-made wedding at the lovely Newforest Outdoor Centre was a meltingly hot day and where better to spend it than sitting under a shady bough and sipping pimms and pink drinks. Faern & Ozz and all their lovely friends and family did just that; whiled away the day laughing, lounging and generally having a jolly good time in the forest. With the exception of the shepherds huts, clever Faern made pretty much everything that decorated the place, from the bunting to her own bouquet. So forget that dreary fog outside, come and enjoy some summer loving, New Forest style.

All photographs are film: Fuji Pro 400H, Kodak Portra 800 & Iford Delta 400 & 3200

That lovely floral gown is by Good Morning Beautiful you can see them in all their glory here

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Magical. Just pure magical stuff! Those boots are also just way too cute

Comment by: Reshmi Posted: 25/09/2013

Lovely sunshine memories. Such beautiful tones and colours.

Comment by: Car Posted: 25/09/2013

Such happy, relaxed shots. Love the one of the couple kissing with the sun peeking through - perfect! X

Comment by: Katy at Apartment Apothecary Posted: 25/09/2013

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