Family shoot: Kate, Tom, Ben & Elden

​There’s nothing nicer than when a couple whose wedding you photographed gets in touch, years later, and asks if you’d like to photograph their new little family. This is exactly what happened with Kate & Tom. They got married back in 2012 and had a superbly stylish and effortlessly cool London wedding at St John. You can see it here if you fancy a peek. Since then, two little chaps have come in to their lives, Ben and Eldon, and I got to meet them at their lovely London flat and photograph them all. Excellent coffee, wet playgrounds and sofa diving were on the cards and I came away thinking just how lovely it is to have a glimpse of people’s lives across the years, recording the ordinary and the extraordinary, both as beautiful as each other.

All photographs are film, Kodak Portra 400, developed and scanned by the UK Film Lab.

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