Karen & Jonathan’s Southbank engagement

Brilliant blue skies and lots of laughter herald this Southbank wander…

It’s cold. Freezing cold for April. There’s an icy wind blowing from the river and I head to the cafe to meet my couple for much needed hot, liquidy, caffeine.

Karen & Jonathan are already there and beaming huge smiles of wonderful teeth at me from across the cafe.

This is a good start.

They look wonderful - Karen particularly, in her beautiful red coat with sparkling blue eyes - a purchase Jonathan made himself, she tells me. Clever chap. It’s truly lovely.

And so are they.

We chat and laugh and I have a really nice time.

Whoops! Almost forgot we have some photography to do! and they meet that with equal amounts of infectious enthusiasm and disarming charm. Love them.

Here are a few of my favourites from our wander.

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