A Hoxton engagement: Lucy & Adam

I didn’t have to do much to make this shoot look good. A few good bits of East London graffiti, a little bit of sunshine (not too much mind, it is only..well, er.. May) and these two gorgeous faces, Lucy and Adam. We were set.  This was the 1st h’official outing of my new Contax and boy oh boy what a beast. It may look like an 80’s video camera and sound like a Polaroid on acid but this bad boy is amazing. The colours and tones are incredible and I love shooting with it. After some proper coffee and chats we tripped back to Hoxton Sqaure where the couple had their first date and then had a wander from there. All that before a full day’s work too! Here are a few favourites.

Counting down to the wedding next week!   

All photographs are film, Fuji Pro 400H

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I think they make a cute couple. They’re both very talented and seem like genuinely nice people as well. Good luck to then for the future.

Comment by: Sjhon Posted: 30/12/2014

woo,i love this photos stly?Beautifully simple picture emerged :)

Comment by: rolex replica Posted: 02/08/2013

Love these vibrant shots…

Comment by: Marilena Posted: 24/06/2013

Very, very good photos, love that camera xxx

Comment by: Jules Posted: 04/06/2013

I love the way you described your new ‘toy’ :) This is such a vibrant, beautiful shoot - love the locations. How exciting that they’re getting married next week too!

Comment by: Elizabeth | Bridal Musings Posted: 04/06/2013

Love it!! Plus I have serious fringe envy now! ;-)

Comment by: Anneli Marinovich Posted: 04/06/2013

The colours and depth in these shots are fabulous! Lovely x

Comment by: Lucy Posted: 03/06/2013

What a gorgeous couple and what stunning colours. So vibrant! They look so ridiculously happy…makes me want to be engaged again! x

Comment by: Samantha Posted: 03/06/2013

Cute Katharine, lovely work! x

Comment by: clair estelle Posted: 03/06/2013

I agree with Asma - they look super happy (and cute!) - too many ‘urban style’ shoots often have the ‘moody’ look but just love this! You found some amazing spots to take the pics too and the colours show through beautifully in your images. x

Comment by: Lisa Butler Posted: 03/06/2013

Beautiful colours! And how happy do they look!

Comment by: Asma Posted: 03/06/2013

Just love the composition of your photographs, Katharine. Also liking the light and setting - where did you take the photographs? Such a lovely, relaxed looking couple. Hope the wedding goes well :)

Comment by: Katy at Apartment Apothecary Posted: 31/05/2013

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