Yes, thatÂ’s right. Enough said. I am a regular visitor of this site and it stills continues to fascinate me with amazing pictures. Unmatched perfection is evident in all these pictures. The already amazing NYC is made more amazing.

Comment by: Tim Posted: 17/07/2014

Great images, I can taste & smell NYC through your photos even though I’ve never been! Going in June - can’t wait!

Comment by: Yolande DV Posted: 30/04/2014

I love these, really want to go to New York now..:)

Comment by: Marilena Posted: 20/03/2013

Lady, these pics are dead cool x

Comment by: Reshmi Posted: 03/12/2012

I love urban photos and these have got to be the best I’ve seen. Beautiful grime.

Comment by: Asma Attack Posted: 01/12/2012

I love the High Line. x You’ve captured it all so beautifully…and the fact it’s 35mm makes me love it more. x

Comment by: Samantha O'Brien Posted: 29/11/2012

That cloud of steam in the night lit street is just poifect. Beautiful storytelling shots x

Comment by: Lucy Williams Posted: 28/11/2012

Wow these are great photos, having recently gone to NYC and been very much the tourist it’s so interesting to see such a different viewpoint.

Comment by: Andri Benson Posted: 27/11/2012

Pure urban loveliness! x

Comment by: bridalmusings Posted: 27/11/2012

Really enjoyed looking through these)) Gotta love NYC

Comment by: Dasha Posted: 27/11/2012

Ah! You’ve made me want to hop on a plane back to NYC straightaway! Love these images Ms P! I think you’ve really captured the essence of NYC and that gorgeous grittiness that make it a beautiful city! x

Comment by: Anneli Marinovich Posted: 27/11/2012


Comment by: Charlotte McLeod Posted: 26/11/2012

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