Round Up Of 2011

?Here’s a peak at the headlines of 2011 (or at least the bits I didn’t get time to blog about!)

I feel very lucky to be doing what I love; documenting some of the most wonderful moments and memories for some truly lovely people. There is no better job. Looking forward is what new year is all about but I thought I’d close with a little look back too. I’ve been too busy to blog about every wonderful photographic adventure so here’s a mini round up of the best bits I missed… Happy new year!!

Some of my favourite faces from 2011
At the beginning of the year, I was lucky enough to go to Morocco and shoot for a lifestyle magazine (I also got slightly obsessed with doors)
A little closer to home, I photographed my 1st Greek Orthodox wedding in North London…
…And my first zaffa - wedding march - across Lambeth Bridge
I worked with the fantastic Phil Fox and The Outside Edge theatre company and shot some stills of their production ‘One Day At A Time’
Thanks to BBC’s Something Special Magazine I got to make lots of new friends across the country…
I tripped down to the tiny village of Staple to shoot Claire & Dan’s lovely wedding, which was also featured in the magazine
Beautiful Ottie celebrated her first birthday
And this lovely lot all had babies of their own!
This year I have been to so many amazing places…
…And lots and lots of lovely details
At the end of the year I finally found time to escape to my Pembrokeshire hideaway and tell some more stories from Cym Hill

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