So that was 2015….

​Yes, it’s that time of year again. A little look back over the past 12 months of weddings, portraits, beautiful places and lovely people. It’s been an incredibly varied year where my weddings and portraits have been shared equally with my editorial work and juggling both worlds has certainly kept me on my toes. It’s still an incredible privilege to photograph some of the most intimate and meaningful events of people’s lives - and all on film too. 

So happy new year everyone, here’s a little of some of my favourite moments and people from 2015, plus a little surprise announcement of my own (just to explain why it might be a little quiet here for the next few months)! Thanks for all your support this year and may 2016 bring us peace and love aplenty. x   

Baby Peachey due on the 5th January!

Thanks so much to the awesome UK Film Lab for all their hard work x

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Beautiful work Katharine, and a wonderful year! Congratulations on your new adventure and cant wait to meet baby

Comment by: net worth Posted: 20/08/2018

Wow! this is so beautiful and fascinating. I love your post.

Comment by: Dresslink Discount Codes Posted: 07/08/2018

You did a great job! Watching these photos makes me feel happy, too. Every moment, every smile, they are all amazing and vibrant!

Comment by: imgrum Posted: 06/03/2018

Amazing work! You really captured the moment that. Congrats on the baby as well :)

Comment by: Lanty Posted: 23/02/2016

Absolutely beautiful work, stunning best of, looks like an amazing year!

Comment by: Dan Ward Posted: 15/01/2016

Such an epic set of moments captured lady. What a wonderful year it was. Bring on 2016 and the baby Peachey’s arrival! x

Comment by: Anneli Marinovich Posted: 11/01/2016

Huge congratulations on Baby Peachey!

Your work is beautiful, such a gorgeous quality to it and your use of light is amazing. Great blog!

Comment by: Hannah Posted: 06/01/2016

Jam packed and bursting with fun! What an incredible year you had! Precious precision storytelling at it’s best :)

Comment by: Aaron Posted: 04/01/2016

Oh Katharine, these are WONDERFUL. So much movement and love in them.
You’re due tomorrow!!!!  Congrats xxx

Comment by: Kirsten Mavric Posted: 04/01/2016

Thwere are so many beautiful powerful shots in this collection! Congrats on the great work in 2015 and looking foward to seeing more of your shots this year :)

Comment by: Alline Beatrici Posted: 04/01/2016

Beautiful work as always! Heres to a great 2016 x

Comment by: Rob Grimes Posted: 04/01/2016

Beautiful work Katharine…

Comment by: Mick Cookson Posted: 03/01/2016

Beautiful work Katharine, and a wonderful year! Congratulations on your new adventure and cant wait to meet baby Peachey. xx

Comment by: Yolande Posted: 02/01/2016

Love the way you use light- and the moments you capture! Beautifully done!

Comment by: Lindsay Posted: 01/01/2016

Beautiful year, and beautiful moments, all evocatively shot. And such a skill to shoot candidly, and naturally all on film. I can’t wait to see more of the next big adventure too!

Comment by: Ellie Posted: 01/01/2016

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