Why I shoot Film

So, why on earth do I shoot film when everyone now is digital?


Because film is so much more beautiful.

The colours, the soft flattering lines, the luminous light - film makes everything look fantastic.

Without wanting to sound like your dad, it's the difference between vinyl and MP3. MP3s are fine - great, even. They are accessible, convenient, immediate. But! Listen to vinyl and that music takes on a whole other quality - there's a depth and richness that is just unsurpassed and it's the same with film. Digital is handy, it's super fast, you can snap away to your heart's content but as soon as you shoot film you notice the difference. Everything is just gooey and lovely and sooo much prettier. It makes digital images look flat and dull and, well, ordinary in comparison. Why add on a filter afterwards to try and imitate film? Why not shoot the real thing?

Everyone wants to look their best in a photograph and shooting film ensures that.

Film really captures a palette and delivers lovely skin tones and soft hues that make digital photography look harsh and unforgiving. With it's depth of colour and rendering of light it makes the every day seem extraordinary.

Other than making everything and everyone look sublime and other-worldly, shooting film makes me a better photographer.

I look more, I take my time, I compose the shot better and I nail it - I have to, because with film, every shot counts. Another photographer joked with me once that every time you waste a shot on film, a unicorn dies and it kind of feels like that. It's magical and has an alchemy all of it's own so you take it more seriously and it means more - to me as well as to my clients. It makes photography truly special, something we have almost lost with the digital camera and that scatter gun approach.

When you are trusting me to document an event as important as a wedding I want to ensure every component is the best it can be.

I get an early night, I use 2 of the best film cameras known to man and I use the top film lab in the world, Richard Photo Lab in Hollywood, to process my films. Yes, that sounds a bit OTT doesn't it? to send it all the way to LaLa Land but, believe me, it's worth it. The work they do with my films is the flake in your Mr Whippy. It's amazing, it's what make my films sing with meltingly soft hues and beautiful colour and when my scans come home (in under 2 weeks) no photo shopping is required, no colour correcting; everything is perfect and ready to make you squeal and coo and marvel.

Here's a little film that shows you what they get up to.

There will always be a place in my heart for film, regardless of how advanced the field of digital photography becomes

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